CNC Turning & CNC 5 Axis Milling

At Evenbridge we’re specialists in CNC 5 axis machining, i.e. machining precision turned parts using Computer Numerical Control. CNC technology allows us to precision turn and mill custom components to within the tightest tolerances, providing quality parts our customers can rely on.


Subcontract CNC machining service

As subcontract CNC machinists we precision manufacture highly detailed and complex components of almost any shape or form using CNC turning and CNC 5 axis milling, to be used across a broad variety of industries. Our expert engineers programme code to instruct our turning machines to turn and cut incredibly accurately. From one-off prototypes to low volumes and beyond, our CNC machines are able to precisely manufacture custom components in minute detail, whatever the quantity.

CNC 5 Axis Milling & CNC Turning

Milling is a process akin to drilling or cutting, using a cylindrical cutting tool that can rotate along multiple axes – which is something traditional drilling cannot do. Utilising Computer Numerical Control allows a greater degree of accuracy, making CNC 5 axis milling a reliable production method for creating shapes, holes, slots and impressions for your custom milled parts.

CNC Turning

CNC turning is another very common process for machining custom parts. It involves a turning lathe rotating a part while a single point cutting tool moves parallel to the axis of rotation, shaping the material as instructed by the computer code programmed by our skilled precision engineers. Fast, efficient, detailed – and to a far greater level of precision than could ever be achieved by hand.

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